Thursday, December 4, 2008

Religious Ceremony (เลี้ยงพระ)

Today I got up at 4:00am to make this order for religious ceremony. The customer ordered this set of Thai food to offer to monks at the temple. The set consisted of Thai spicy pork salad (Yum Moo Yang), Green Chicken Curry (Kang Kaew Wan Gai), Stir Fried Chinese broccoli with Shitake Mushroom and Roast Pork (Ka Na Pad Hed Hom Moo Krob), Fried Fish with Spicy Sauce (Pla Tod Sam Rod), and Thai Dessert and Fresh Fruit. All the food were presented in plastic containers for easy transport and convenient when offered to monks.


beezee~bee said...

the monks are sure left wt happy tummy! ;)
p/s: so...plan ur trip yet??

Candle Fusion East Meets West said...

Have to be after Jan as I have a lot of orders during the New Year. I will go and see u for sure!!!