Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cottage Pie (Pork)

This dish reminded of the time when I was in England This was served for lunch at our boarding school. I made this with pork instead of beef as many Thais do not eat beef. It was very juicy and all my friends loved it.

Tofu with Black and White Sesame

A Vegetarian dish, pan fried tofu with 2 tones sesame seeds serve with 3 colors vegetable rice and spicy shoyu sauce.

Fancy Pork Cake

I am sure you have had Fish Cake, Crab Cake or Shrimp Cake but how about Pork Cake! Fried minced Pork with Taro, a very soft and juicy texture.

Krapow Salmon

A tradition Thai dish with a twist. Fillet of Salmon fried with Thai Basil served with Jasmin rice.

Devil's Spaghetti

I created this recipe after one hungry night and nothing else in the fridge. Spicy fusion dish which pasta stir fried with Thai "Devil's"chili paste. An easy and simple dish that will satisfy your hunger!!

Abalone Mushroom Salad

An appetiser fit to be a light Main Course. Mushrooms cooked with onions, tossed with Balsamic Vinegar on a bed of greens.

Burgundy Beef Stew

This dish was inspired by my travels to south of France famed for its burgundy wines.
My special variation to the original French recipe is that I added a secret marinade to make the beef extra tender and tasty.
Teamed with delicious steamed summer vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes....This dish is a surefire hit at any dinner party!